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The Alluvian Hotel

Mockingbird Bakery Artisan Bread is hand crafted: mixed in small batches, hand shaped, and baked in a stone deck oven. The process of producing artisan breads has not changed throughout the centuries and our Mockingbird Baker, Donald Bender, gives careful consideration to ingredients, process, and uses the age-old bread-making traditions in producing the Mockingbird Bakery artisan breads. Using the most basic ingredients he creates the finest breads in the Mississippi Delta. Donald uses steam in the formation of the tell-tale crispy, golden brown crusts characteristic of the artisanal loaves. Mockingbird Bakery breads contain no chemicals or preservatives, however, some of his breads do contain a bit of his natural sourdough starter that he has been carefully feeding and growing since 2003!

The texture and flavor of Mockingbird Bakery artisan breads is superior to that of store-bought breads due to the careful selection of ingredients, cultivation of recipes, and attention to the chemistry involved in creating the specific consistency and crust of each variety. Because there are no chemicals or preservatives, Artisan breads have a shorter shelf-life. Mockingbird Bakery breads should be enjoyed or frozen within two to three days of purchase. Our Artisan Breads will maintain their superior quality and flavor for up to 6 months in the freezer. Store breads in plastic bread bag with twist tie at room temperature. Storage in the refrigerator will shorten the shelf life due to humidity. For smaller households we recommend portioning out half a loaf to enjoy now and freezing the remainder for later!

Any Mockingbird Bakery sliced bread toasts up beautifully in your toaster with a little salted butter spread on top. To heat unsliced loaves or baguettes place foil wrapped loaf in 350 degree F oven for about 10-15 minutes.

Mockingbird Bakery is located inside the Viking Cooking School at 325 C Howard Street in Greenwood, Mississippi. Store hours are 10am-6pm Monday through Saturday. Fresh bread available Monday through Friday by 1:00pm. To place special orders please call the Viking Cooking School at 662.451.6750 or email vcs@vikingcookingschool.com. All special orders must be placed at least two days in advance. Special orders could include but are not limited to: Bagels, Rolls, Special Holiday Breads, Biscuits, Muffaletta Buns, Pizza Crusts, as well as any of the breads on the weekly schedule.

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