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The short answer... because it makes you feel good and gives you many health benefits! Deep breathing, practicing the postures, guided visualization and meditation make you feel better and more in tune with your body mind and spirit. Yoga allows you to chill out and work out all at the same time.

For many of us, that's reason enough to practice.

We've all heard about the many reasons why yoga is good for us - increased energy levels, stress reduction, greater flexibility, peace of mind; the list goes on and on. Essentially, a yoga practice helps us become more aware of our body's alignment, posture and movement patterns, in turn helping us to relax even in the midst of a stressful environment.

Studio A provides a nurturing environment for those seeking a connection between body, heart and mind. The studio offers weekly Hatha/Vinyasa yoga classes and workshops tailored to meet the needs of each individual.
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